How to show custom fields on your storefront

To actually show your custom fields' values on your storefront, you need to tell Shopify where to display it and how. This is all handled by your Shopify theme and therefore you need to modify the theme to use the custom fields (metafields) as well.

It's very difficult for us to give detailed instructions as to where you should insert what code, yet alone give examples of such code, so it'll fit right in the any theme. Every theme structure is different and every customer's field setup and needs are different. So in this help center, we give small snippets of code as examples of how to use metafields in different contexts and leave the actual implementation details (theme changes) up to the store owners and/or their developers.

Editing a theme requires some profiency with HTML/CSS as well as the Liquid templating language. If you are not comfortable doing this, we can recommend getting in touch with one of our partners to get connected with skilled Shopify developers in no time. 

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