How to copy & paste field definitions

To copy/paste an individual field, click the “Copy” button shown to the right of the field. Then, when pasting the copied field, edit the properties for the new field if needed and repeat the procedure for any additional fields.

To copy all fields for an object scope in bulk, use the "Copy all" menu item above the fields and paste them using the "Paste" menu item.

You can paste copied field definitions to another object scope (e.g. from a product to a collection) inside the same shop or even to another shop. 

When pasting multiple fields, any existing fields with the same namespace and key combination will not be replaced.

For multiple shops, you can open two tabs in your browser and log in to the “from” and “to” shop respectively. Depending on your needs, you may find that linking your stores' ACF installations together - please see related articles at the bottom.

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