Use Cloudinary API from Liquid

ACF supports advanced image and video handling via an integration with Cloudinary to perform various tasks such as resizing and cropping images, changing aspect ratios as well some more exotic options such as applying of filters.

Integration is handled directly in Liquid like this:

<img src="//{{ product.metafields.accentuate.my_image }}"/>

The URL for takes two parameters - c_options and image.

The (optional) parameter c_options is used to describe which effect you'd like to have performed, whereas image is used to tell the integration which image should have options applied.

The value for the above parameter c_options is just a simple example. A plethora of options are available and they can be combined to achieve the desired effect.

Please see these Cloudinary articles:

Multiple values for c_options can be combined by separating them with commas. Some options are meant to work together and some are not meant to work together, so take care when combining them

When authoring options for your Cloudinary usage, please take note that ACF's default optimization when fetching images via is turned off when fetched from Cloudinary, so you are free to perform your image optimization as you see fit

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