Excluding objects from search

Products, collections, pages, blogs and articles can be specifically excluded from your store's internal search and Shopify's sitemap, which is used by Google and other search engines to index the resources within your shop.

When editing custom fields for either a product, a collection, a page, a blog or an article, the ACF editor gives you the option to hide or unhide the item you are editing directly. 

This is usable if you have any custom content, you don't want shown on the front end. For example a product that is an add-on or sold with another product, but not sold individually. Or if you have a page only for holding content to be shown elsewhere and you don't want to link to it directly.

Please note:

  • Sometimes it might take a few minutes for the sitemap be updated
  • Hiding a blog hides all the articles in that blog from the sitemap as well
  • Shopify automatically adds <meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow"> to the {{ content_for_header }} of hidden resources

The implementation has been made according to Shopify's article on the topic

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