Translating content to other languages

ACF supports in-app translation of content in multi-language fields via an integration with DeepL. DeepL combines deep learning and artificial intelligence to understand and translate text between 9 different languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Russian
When you have multiple languages defined in ACF and your primary language is one of the above, ACF will allow you to translate content in a multi-language field from that primary language to any other language that is listed above. 
For example, you have English listed as a primary language (first one in the ordering) with German, French and Finnish as secondary languages. 
With DeepL enabled, ACF will allow you to translate from English to both German and French but not Finnish, since it's not a supported language.
The translation service is available directly from each field. This is an example for a simple text field:
Example for HTML fields with translation available directly from the toolbar:

How to enable DeepL

To use DeepL within ACF, you need a DeepL Pro API subscription. DeepL Pro is a paid service currently at €4.99 per month + usage fees. See details and sign up here.

Once signed up, you can go to your DeepL account page and see your API key:

Copy the API key using the copy button to the right of the key and from your ACF dashboard, click the "Open settings" button to open the settings dialog and paste the key into the field for "DeepL API key". 

Click "Next" and then "Save" and you're ready to translate your texts in-house.

Disclaimer: DeepL does not give any guarantee regarding the correctness of the translations created by the machine translation system. This is not meant to replace a professional translation service for mission critical content.

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