Importing Excel files

Accentuate also accepts import of native Excel (XLSX) files.

Columns A and B are reserved for the required _id and _info columns respectively, but for column C and onward, you may remove any columns as you please, but, if present, the header value must match a defined field name for the type.

Same applies to rows - only objects directly referenced by an _id value is updated, making it possible to do fast, partial updates.

Using Excel files, you have the luxury of keeping each custom field value in its own cell and don't have to worry about double quotes and semicolons as is the case with working with CSV files.

All data must exist in a single sheet. If in doubt before import - get in touch.

Imports run in the background. While an import job is active, the icon will change to a spinning "gear" (or "cog") icon. You are encouraged not to start any additional exports or imports until the current job has finished.

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