Using the editor

The ACF editor works the same across all object types and is laid out with an editing pane to the left containing custom fields and sections that apply to the current object being edited. The right column contains a navigation box for easy switch to another object within the current scope as well as other information related to the selected object. This includes date & time of the last save and any promoted fields. Here, you will also find the Save button (shortcut Shift+Ctrl+S or Shift+Command+S depending on your system) to save any changes and a Refresh button to reload information that might have changed outside of ACF, e.g. new products, collections, etc. The below example shows a product being edited together with its variants.

If variant custom fields have been defined for a product, the editing pane will have multiple tabs with each of the product's variants in its own separate tab:

Bulk Editor

With the exception of variants, ACF features a powerful bulk editor for custom fields for every object in your store. This allows you to edit custom fields for multiple objects at the same time. You can click the below button to launch the bulk editor:

For products, customers, and orders, you can also launch the bulk editor from your Shopify admin by selecting one or more objects from the list and then click More actions followed by Bulk Edit Custom Fields The bulk editor works with a similar layout as the object editor, but with the added functionality that you now can select multiple objects (of the same type) and have each selected object appear in its own tab. Each tab will show the custom fields that belong to that particular object. Up to 50 objects can be selected at a time. You can add additional tabs to the bulk editor by using the selection box in the right column and click Add. In this example, two additional products have been added as tabs:

Reversely, you can close tabs you don't need by using the small x to the left of the title.

The bulk editor doesn't show the "Hide from search engines" control. Also, any promoted fields are shown inline in their individual tabs.

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