Shopify Field types

Shopify Metafield definitions

Via your Shopify admin Settings » Custom data, you can optionally create a metafield definition for a certain namespace + key combination. With a definition in place, the field can be referenced from within Shopify's Theme Customizer as a Dynamic data source and also be "pinned", making it easier to edit the metafield values in-context from your Shopify admin detail page.

Do make sure that any Shopify Metafield definitions and the corresponding ACF field definitions use the same data type. If they do not match, Shopify will block ACF from doing updates to the underlying metafields.

Also, Shopify Metafield definitions need to be in place for any Shopify » Metaobject reference or Shopify » Mixed reference fields you define.These definitions are responsible for selecting the type of metaobject(s) that ACF will show the entries for when working in the editor

Do not create Shopify Metafield definitions for any fields in ACF that are not defined as Shopify » ... types (Text, HTML etc). This will cause Shopify to block ACF from doing updates to the underlying metafields

ACF will automatically check if a field's data type matches the Shopify Metafield definition (for the namespace + key combination) and show either a green checkmark or a warning icon in the list of defined fields for a scope.

If you have defined a field where no Shopify Metafield definition exists, ACF will just show a grey checkmark to indicate that the field type is valid.

Metafields without definitions

Via your Shopify admin detail page, you can edit metafields regardless of a definition being in place or not (section Metafields » View all). For metafields without a definition, Shopify will make an educated guess of each metafield's content type.

Please be careful when editing non-Shopify types this way, since ACF's data validation rules are not in effect here

Using Shopify Metafields from Liquid

Metafield values created using a "Shopify » ..." type do not return the value using the normal syntax in Liquid. Rather, these types return a Metafield object with two properties: type and value. The value property returns the actual value, like this:

<h3>{{ product.metafields.accentuate.subtitle.value }}</h3>


While Shopify » ... (List) types are repeatable by definition, they cannot be part of a repeatable section. This is a restriction in ACF, which will be addressed in an upcoming version.


Shopify reference field values cannot successfully be transferred to other stores due to the use of internal Shopify ids, which will vary across stores. File reference fields are an exception here if the same file names exist in the target store.

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