Promote fields to sidebar

Fields can be "promoted" to be displayed in the right-hand sidebar of the ACF editor. You can turn this promotion on or off in each field's definition.

They will then appear in the defined order in their own box just under the layout mode toggle. This allows for a more prominent location with easy access to the promoted fields when you are editing custom fields:

Field types

The field types available for promotion are:

  • Text

  • Numbers

  • Checkboxes

  • Selection lists

  • Tags

  • Dates

  • Color

Promotion is not possible for variant custom fields. Also, it is not possible to promote a repeatable field to the sidebar. If you set the repeatable option for a field or move a promoted field into a repeatable section, the promotion will be turned off.

Where to organize your promoted fields

Promoted fields are "extracted" from their usual sequence inside a section and put into the sidebar. So you have the option of just leaving them in context of any other fields that make sense. If you want to have the promoted fields in their own dedicated section, that's possible too - if the section is empty after extracting the promoted fields, it won't be displayed.

This applies to the ACF editor when working with a single object, The ACF bulk editor will ignore field promotions and show all fields in their defined sequence.

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