Filter usage

Learn everything about what you can do with your filters.

When you save the filter, it will be added to the filter list. From here, you can see all the necessary info about the filter itself, including the filter's name, scope and the number of affected items.

From here you can see all the uses of filters:

  • Preview affected: This allows you to see the affected items, and open each one in Shopify's editor.

  • Open in Shopify: This opens all your products that were selected by the filter in Shopify's search enabling you to easily bulk edit them, export their product data, add tags, add them to a collection and much much more.

  • Edit items: This opens the selected items in ACF bulk editor so you can easily edit their metafield data.

  • Export Items: Txports affected items in a CSV format.

  • Edit filter: Takes you back to the editor and enables you to change query parameters by your desire.

  • Delete filter: Completely removes the selected filter.

Ultimately, all exported data will be accessible in CSV format, ready for use according to your specific requirements.

You can also combine multiple filters of the same scope together into a single filter. By default, it will select all items affected by one OR the other filter, but that behavior can be easily tweaked in the filter editor.

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